Luther made salvation harder

Revelation 20 was clear.  There would be a “Thousand Year Reign”.  After it came to an end, “the dragon would be released from the abyss”.

“The Thousand Year Reign” spanned the centuries that began after The Fall of Rome and ended with Martin Luther.   During “The Thousand Year Reign”, The Catholic Church ruled Christendom.   During those ten centuries, The Church provided schools, orphanages, hospitals, inns, and written works, mostly of a religious nature.

There were wars, invasions, plagues, famines, droughts, floods, good kings, bad kings, and consequences.  The Church grew.  Souls were saved.  The only mass media was The Mass, mediating between God and man.

The dragon showed the worst of men how to become rich.  “Weaken The Church Jesus Founded, or get rid of it altogether, and you may take their lands, buildings, valuables, and money for yourselves!”

Early Protestants began by demeaning The Church’s morals.  “They are selling indulgences!  That is a great crime.” cried new media, the printing presses cranking out Protestant propaganda for who wanted Church assets for themselves.”  Imaginary Catholic crimes were made to seem real.  Such delusion spread, and Europe was soon rife with schisms.  Today, modern Protestants continue the chaos.

Why was “the dragon released from the abyss”?

Was it time to test more souls in more places more rigorously than at any time since the Roman and Jewish persecutions before Constantine?   Many failed the new and tougher tests.  They gave in to the the dragon and its Protestant delusions.   Catholic monasteries and convents were closed.  The poor had no more source of food.   Closing Catholic hospitals left the poor without medical help.  There were fewer opportunities in Catholic colleges and universities as the well-connected replaced the truly gifted.  The looters became the billionaires of their age.

As the children of Cain gained power, more of those of whom they were jealous were destroyed.

Then, early Protestant denominations were soon shattered by newer Protestants.   More and more ambitious men began more and more churches.   As the number of donors decreased, their deceptions grew to gain supporters. “Our ladder is the only one that will reach to Heaven!” cried those making a living from the 43,000 Ladders to Heaven.  “Only we, who baptize properly, can wash your sins away!  Only we, who speak in our special tongues, can let you talk to God.”  “Only we, who believe in Pentecostal Evangelicalism, and not the errors of Evangelical Pentecostalism, can get you to Heaven.”

In our time, we see clearly.  Luther made salvation harder.  Soon, the entire Protestant Establishment would be turned into a paralysis of contradicting, conflicting, competing confusion.

As a result, Cain and chaos reign.   Communists, Babylonian abortionists, Earth-worshiping environmentalists, Moslems and more descend upon us, each murderous vanity inspired by the dragon from the pit.

Right is wrong and wrong is right.  Genius is no better than idiocy.  Holiness the equal of depravity.  Defense is impossible without The Church.

Where is The Church as impending doom descends?

Same place it’s always been.   Abel is still obedient to God.  Cain still kills him for it.