We are “made in the image of God.”

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The Bible says that saved souls run “like sparks through stubble”.    Since we are “made in the image of God”, we know that our own “sparks” are far dimmer than the overpowering brilliance of He Who made sun and stars.

Each of us is a “human program” that God made “in His image”.  He gave us free will.   And,  He gave us limited programming abilities.  We are small “sparks” that are “made in His image” as we “run through stubble”.   We  write our own lines.  We play our own parts.  We may, or may not, listen to The Director in our acting career on His Universal Movie Set.

Some human programs choose to believe the universe came into being without God.  They look wise and say, “We know the universe is very old because of fossils and carbon-14.”

Believers reply, “Each human must be free to believe and obey He Who made it.   And, each must be free to believe that it was an accident that came into being on its own.  That’s why God programmed fossils to be deposited in The Flood, carbon-14, and all the other excuses people choose to avoid believing and obeying Him.”

There is another indication that we are made “in His image”.  God  made the entire Universe Program look “real”.  From sub-atomic particles to stars and solar systems, The Universe Program looks “real”.  Human programmers try to make their movies look “real”.

Catholics are blessed to find The Only Truth He Downloaded.  Centuries before Christ, prophets were told to write down that there would be a Messiah.  He would be born in “The Tribe of Judah, in The House of David in the village of Bethlehem”.  He would be “lifted up before men”, and “no bone of His would be broken”.  Those who killed Him would “look upon He Whom they pierced”.

Obedient Catholics run, “like sparks through stubble” to The Only Church Founded by He Who Fulfilled the Prophecies.