Why do many choose Protestantism?


As we have seen, those in a well run Church may have to donate no more than five dollars a week while those in the much higher-cost Denominations of Protestantism are encouraged to fork over at least $25.00 each week just to “meet expenses”.

And, we have seen that a prudent catholic, who put that $20.00 saved every week in a 5% investment would end up with $200,000.00 after fifty years, just for being Catholic!   A couple?  $400,000.00.  Why would someone lose that to be in one of Protestantism’s 45,000 denominations and 300,000 churches?  Why do many choose Protestantism?

Often, it’s force of habit.  “My friends and family are there.”

Other have a less laudable motivation:  “I want to avoid having children.  I want to use artificial birth control pills, implants, or devices so that I may have orgasms without the cost of children.”

Since birth control pills, implants, and devices “work” by causing the tiniest of babies, the nearly microscopic fertilized egg, to die, The Catholic Church prohibits their use.

Many people reasonably conclude:  “If I am a Catholic, I will not be able to have sex without the possibility of bringing life into the world.  I am too selfish for that!  But, I do like the idea of getting into Heaven!  If I pay a little more, I can find almost 300,000 churches whose clergy will tell me:  ‘You are a good person and you are going to Heaven!’  I am going to be a Protestant!”

So,  a billion  people are not in The Only Church Jesus Founded.  They have the freedom to marry, divorce, and re-marry at will.   They may have sex whenever they want.  They can go to church as often as they like.  No pesky Confessions for them!

They are never told it is a sin to spend their lives avoiding giving the precious gift of life to a new generation.  It’s not something they want to hear.