Why are there so many vast lies and frauds?

The Programmer programmed all we know with one purpose: to allow creatures with free will (that’s us) to decide whether to obey Him, or not. The souls of those who obey may be saved, and spend a joyful eternity in His Presence.

Those who choose to obey one of the many viruses get to spend eternity with them, “cast into the furnace, where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth.”

The part of creation in which we live is like a giant strainer, letting those souls who love Him separate themselves from those who do not. The separation is permanent. Each of us has exactly enough time to make the choice that determines our eternal destination.

Lies and frauds exist to give us each a choice. We can either love God and neighbor, or not. The most complex frauds are those that pretend to do good. Those frauds attract the “higher-minded”. They will embrace, for instance, Global Warming Lies to “save the planet”. At the same time, they ignore the pain felt by people who can’t afford the gas to get to work. They have replaced “Love your neighbor” with self-righteousness while replacing “Love God” with this generation’s idol.