Moslems, the most self-righteous people in the world.

Moslems, the most self-righteous people in the world. Yesterday, a hard question came to the site. “Do you support the Pope’s view of the war in Iraq?”

I’m not sure precisely what the Pope’s view is, but know that he is against war. I am too. War hurts people. On the other hand, the old quote “war is better than slavery” is something to consider.

One question is: War is wrong, but how should we treat those Moslems who want to destroy us?

One conclusion: Shunning. Scripture is clear, if a person sins, and refuses to stop sinning, he should be shunned. Moslems kill too much, hate too much, and are far too self-righteous. “I am so right, and you are so wrong that if you don’t believe as I believe, I must kill you.”

They are the most self-righteous people in the history of the world. Obviously, we are called upon to love both neighbors and enemies. If we are to obey our Savior’s commands, we have to do exactly that.

Love may mean shunning them, leaving them to their own devices, letting them live in the hate-sink their religion has created for them. Buying oil from them only rewards them for being self-righteous. Shunning lets them think about the destructiveness of their lives.