We mustn’t let ourselves turn into pillars of salt.

Most of us remember the story of Lot and his family. When The Programmer decided to erase the sinners of Sodom and Gomorrah, He gave Lot and his family the opportunity to download themselves on another disc. “Don’t look back.”, they were warned.

Just like Eve before her, Lot’s wife disobeyed. She turned back to see the city being destroyed for the sins of its inhabitants. She, as Eve, was punished for the sin of disobedience.

Many of us are haunted by our old sins. Often, we are transfixed as we realize the horrible things in our past; the feelings we’ve hurt, the people we’ve damaged, and the ways we have hurt ourselves.

“Don’t look back.” applies to us, as well as to Lot’s wife. If we look back at our sins, the disrupting viruses may enter us again. “We really weren’t that bad.”, they sometimes say, hoping they and their friends can get back in our minds.

Once we have been forgiven, the straight and narrow path is opened between us and The Programmer. As soon as we turn around to look upon the evil behind us, we are in danger of straying from that path.

As we keep our eyes on the prize of salvation, and draw closer to Him, we should leave our sins behind us. That’s where He wants them to be.