“Need to heed The Creed? Read Bede!”

Catholic Saints are brilliant beacons of light. They shine upon us from the past. Recently, I wanted a better understanding of The Book of Revelation.

I found St. Bede’s Commentary on that very complicated Book. Verse by verse, St. Bede went through The Book of Revelation. He was a great help in understanding. St. Bede’s Divine Wisdom boiled down to this:

“Need to heed The Creed? Read Bede!”


His analysis of Revelation was brilliant! So, I went to another of his great Books, “The Ecclesiastical History of The English People”. My eyes were open to a period of History. It was set into a wider period of History.

St. Bede had summed up all of History. He fit it into a “Six day Period”.

It was staggeringly brilliant! All of History was reduced to six days! Everyone since Jesus has been living in “The Sixth Day”. Every hour of every day, Creation gets closer to “Sunday”!


St. Bede understood time and space. His explanation of how The Church found the proper Day to celebrate Easter is truly enlightening! The Sun, the moon, the days of the week, the months of the years, the years of the centuries, and the centuries of the millenia make perfect sense.

St. Bede fits all of time and space into The Catholic Church!

He is blindingly brilliant!


We forget how impressive The Works of such Saints are! They recorded their thoughts with a quill pen. Monks made their ink. They wrote on parchment. Every page was written on a piece of costly, carefully prepared sheepskin! Every sheet was expensive!

No computer! No easy editing! No printer! No copying machine! Everything had to be right the first time.


God works through St. Bede and all the Catholic Saints. Their obedient holiness opened their minds to God. They share His Wisdom with us!

In the specific case of St. Bede, it boils down to this: “Need to heed The Creed? Read Bede!”

. . . . . . . . . . . .

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