Risks to the souls in schism.

Some search for truth and discover that Old Testament prophets made over 300 predictions about the coming Messiah. The seeker for truth finds that the prophecies were carefully written down, copied by hand and passed on for two thousand years.

When the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, they validated in writing, and on embossed copper sheets, the ancient texts. There was truth in the predictions.

It is a great riddle that many whose ancestors supported the writing and copying of the prophecies refused to believe that Jesus came and fulfilled them, often in great specificity. He was born of a virgin in Bethlehem from the House of David, as the prophets predicted.

He lived and died according to the prophecies. He was lifted up before men with no bone broken, His stripes, the bloody slashes from the lash, were plainly visible. It was recorded by men who would later die defending the truth that they had seen that He rose from the dead.

It is the only truth we know. All are free to believe in Him and obey His teachings.

Those who do have an opportunity to go to Heaven. Those who willfully twist, turn, or alter His instructions may not.

For a thousand years after Rome fell, The Church He Founded spread throughout the lands of the fallen Empire. People heeded His Words: “Thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church. . .” Then, 1500 years after His Church began, God allowed His Church to be used as a great separator.

Vain men invented their own versions of Christianity. Soon, there were dozens, then, hundreds of denominations.

As the schisms multiplied, the culture of death was able to legalize child sacrifice. Now, there are 40,000 tiny groups, all calling themselves “Christian”. While many of the “Christians” in schismm are against abortion, their ministers are often too afraid of losing donors to stand firmly against it. The confusion allowed the killing of the unborn to become the law of once-Catholic lands.

Before all the schisms came into being, abortion was illegal. After the schisms multiplied sufficiently, abortion was allowed.

Those who splinter the Pro-Life vote by choosing to support the competing, man-invented denominations are each, in his or her degree, responsible for abortion.

They have turned from The Church Jesus Founded, and the death of innocents is the result. Can those who lead souls into the death-dealing confusion of 40,000 schisms get to Heaven? Can those who let themselves be led?

More important to most of us: what of the souls those who let themselves be drawn into the confusion that opened the doorway to death for so many millions of unborn babies?

Risks to the souls in schism. Gone astray? Think and pray.