To obey, we must be Catholic.

“The Body of Christ” is singular. It is “Body”. Not “Bodies”. Consider Christ from the beginning. Early, in the Book of Genesis, the Word of God referred to the coming Messiah.

Miraculously, God’s words were recorded carefully and preserved at great cost. In recent times, the copper sheets of the Dead Sea Scrolls, on which many Holy Writings had been permanently, and expensively, inscribed were discovered. The Prophets and prophecies were confirmed. Sacred Scripture was accurate.

When The Messiah was born of a Virgin in Bethlehem of the House of David, His way was made straight by John the Baptist. More prophecies came true in human form. He was lifted up before men, no bones were broken, and by His stripes, the bleeding slashes torn by the scourge, we are healed.

Nearly all Christians get that far.

Then, there is a narrow gate on the road. Some do what is necessary to get through. Most stop. They do so because they don’t want to do what’s necessary to obey the clear meaning of two important passages:

First, John, 6: 53. “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.” Those incredible words, from the beginning, have separated the truly believers from those too conventional to heed.

Those who follow that bizarre instruction find that they it makes perfect sense when they discover Mt. 16: 18-20 “Thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it . . . .” One Christ, One Church, one leader, one source of forgiveness, and one set of “keys to Heaven”.
The Only Church Jesus Founded provides His Body and Blood in Communion. John 6:53 is amplified in the rest of John 6, where every professional schismatic ignores passage after passage in order to justify cash flows and comfort.

It is obvious: the only way to obey both passages is to be a Catholic, striving to worthily receive His Body and Blood the only place on earth where they may be found.

There is no other way for the obedient. For the semi-obedient? They end up in one or more of the 40,000 groups that have been invented by vain, money-hungry schismatics masquerading as whatever they pretend to be.

Eternal joy is at stake. It is insane not to pray for the wisdom and courage necessary to be obedient enough to have life in us. We may only save our soul now, while we have time.

Our only time is now. It is fleeting.