How old are things?

When we get a truer idea of God’s power, believers realize that things are as old as they need to be to give us free will.

Since God programs in particles and energies, He is able to download vast systems. We can imagine a few human programmers, using our binary system, to produce a movie that looks realistic.

God is so much more powerful that He can download an actual planet. He can program the decaying thorium and uranium beneath The Crust Program and the mountains above it. The “Crust Program”, like all parts of the Earth Programs” is downloaded with tectonic plates, movements, layers, and all that’s necessary for us human programs to look at it and be able to conclude, “This must be twenty billion years old!”

Needless to say, the Earth Program is made so that it now wheels through space, one of countless solar systems, or billions of beams of light programmed to look like them, to provide the further illusion through which only the humble may see: “The Loving Programmer downloaded all this, with us in it, simply to separate sheep from goats.”

We who are blessed look at the surrounding programs and subprograms and say, “Wow! The Loving Programmer downloaded all this so well that most people think it’s an accident. I’m so glad He’s let me see the truth and realize that He made it! I will love and obey Him for the rest of my life!”

How old are things? Old enough to give us free will.

Pity the poor intellectuals. Lost in vanity. Forever. And, an incredible part of their delusion: They are proud of believing in a series of accidents rather than The Loving Programmer.

It would make them feel inferior to believe in anyone who could write and download The Creation Program. So, they hate the notion.