One of Catholic Fundamentalism’s

One of Catholic Fundamentalism’s core beliefs is that The Bible is God’s “Programming Log”. The First Programming Log tells us something of how the earth was made and how long it took. It covers the writing and downloading of The Creation Program, and acquaints us with the most important downloads made in the surprisingly few years between Eden, the Flood, the prophets, and Christ’s coming.

The Second Programming Log tells us of The Loving Programmer’s download after Christ, during which period people all over the world had the possibility of being saved, their souls living with God in Heaven forever.

We don’t think it’s reasonable to believe that The Loving Programmer would have wasted billions of years making the universe. It would be like one of us taking thirty or forty years to build a simple doghouse. We think He programmed it (He can program particles, then compile them into structures and beings.) without wasting any time. According to Genesis, the writing and downloading of at least part of The Creation Program took place in a week. A couple of places in The Programming Logs tell us that, to God, “a thousand years is like a day”, so we feel that there’s an outside time limit of six thousand years on the “week” in which The Loving Programmer programmed and downloaded The Creation Program. Most of us, however, think there were six days of twenty four hours, just as a “day” is today.

Catholic Fundamentalism thinks that The Flood was a real event, a huge baptism to wash away the “living sins” that had taken living form on earth as their twisted beings took actual, living form among our ancestors. The Loving Programmer programmed lots of water to materialize on earth at the same time He had water programmed to come up from beneath the earth.

Another theory has surfaced, based on the following:

“Now imagine the earth stopping cold in its tracks. No more centrifugal force. No more bulging. . . . But most of the immediate readjusting would be done by the most fluid element on our planet’s surface: the water, which by some measurements currently bulges as much as 8 km (5 mi.) at the equator. The consequences would be far more dramatic than any current climate change scenario. The oceans would not nibble at our shores. They would rise thousands of metres and swallow continents whole.”
(Frank Jacobs, 8/20/2010)

If the earth was programmed to stop spinning for forty days, the huge flood that Genesis and other holy books mention would have been unavoidable. If He used such a mechanism to begin and end The Flood, the earth stopped and started spinning again. At that point, the continents may have been spread apart as the underlying magna flow was grossly distorted. We can easily imagine all the layers of rock being laid down and solidified in usually neat layers during such an event.