Only Catholics can understand Today’s Reading.

Only Catholics can understand The Last Prophecy of Jesus about the “belt” put around The First Catholic Pope.


Question 1:  “Why do some people think it is a ‘crime’ to be Catholic?”

Answer:  “The Catholic Church tells Her followers:  ‘If we do not strive to love God and our neighbors as ourselves, our souls cannot get into Heaven.’  Those who hurt or steal from their neighbors want it to be a ‘crime’ for anyone to believe that.”


Question 2:  “Have some people always wanted Catholics to be treated as criminals for threatening illicit incomes?”

Answer:  “Today’s Reading from Acts 25: 13-21 tells us.  ‘the chief priests and elders’ in Jerusalem wanted St. Paul, one of the 12 Cardinal-Bishops chosen by Jesus to spread Catholic parishes and Dioceses throughout The Roman Empire, to be punished for being Catholic.  Festus explained what happened to St. Paul:

‘His accusers stood around him, but did not charge him with any of the crimes I suspected.  Instead they had some issues with him about their own religion and about a certain Jesus who had died but who Paul claimed was alive.’


Question 3:  “Why did they want St. Paul to be punished for saying that Jesus is ‘alive’?”

Answer:  “If He Whom they Crucified was ‘alive’, the earthly authority and incomes of those who killed Him were at risk.  They worried more about that than God’s Judgment for their immortal souls.”


Question 4:  “What did St. Paul do?”

Answer:  “He wanted his earthy judge to be the most powerful person on earth, Caesar!  He demanded to be ‘held in custody for The Emperor’s decision’.”


Question 5:  “What did Festus, The Emperor’s representative in Jerusalem, do?”

Answer:  “‘I ordered him held until I could send him to Caesar.’


Question 6:  “Does Today’s Psalm predict that?”

Answer:  “Today’s Psalm includes 103:19-20,   ‘The Lord has set His throne in heaven;  His dominion extends over all.  Bless The Lord, all you, His angels, mighty in strength, acting at His behest, obedient to His command.’

Catholics can picture God’s ‘angels’ moving electrons in the mind of Festus! God’s Will took form in his decision to send St. Paul to ‘the Emperor in Rome’, the Highest Earthly Authority.”


Question 6:  “What lets Catholics think well enough to understand that?”

Answer:  “Today’s Reading includes the blessing that every Catholic receives in John 14-26:  ‘The Holy Spirit will teach you everything and remind you of all I told you.’


Question 7:  “Did Jesus mention Peter, The First Catholic Pope, in Today’s Gospel?”

Answer:  “John 21:15-19 tells us that Jesus told the man He chose to be The First Catholic Pope to ‘tend My sheep’ and told him twice to ‘feed My sheep’.


Question 8: “Why is that so important?”

Answer:  “Only Catholics are blessed to be ‘fed’ by The Actual Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.  Catholic priests are empowered by God to provide That Holy Food from bread and wine by The Miracle of Transubstantiation.

The Holy Spirit only lets Catholics know God has That Much Power!


Question 9:  “Was The Last Prophecy of Jesus about The First Catholic Pope?

Answer:  “Jesus gave us His Last Prophecy about The First Catholic Pope in John 21:18.

‘I tell you most solemnly, when you were young, you put on your own belt and walked where you liked;  but when you grow old you will stretch out your hands and somebody else will put a belt on you and take you where you would rather not go.’


Question 10:  “Why is The Last Prophecy of Jesus about The First Catholic Pope important?”

Answer:  “Only Catholics are blessed to understand!  Peter was crucified upside down.  To make him suffer longer, ‘someone else will put a ‘belt’ on you.’

That ‘belt’ was necessary to hold him to the cross so the weight of his body would not pull his feet down from the nails driven through them.

Only Catholics are blessed to have The Holy Spirit let us understand The Last Prophecy of Jesus about The First Catholic Pope.”

Only Catholics are blessed to have The Holy Spirit guide us to the only place on earth we can get the ‘keys to The Kingdom of Heaven’ that Jesus gave His Life to leave on earth:

‘And I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.  I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.’