Pastor Bob confesses

Many who commit the awful sin of encouraging factions among Christians do come to their senses. Some realize what evil results from vain desires to do good.

An honest clergyperson in one of the 43,000 competing schisms may realize: “Before all these tens of thousands of schisms, each based on some silly, narrow interpretation of a few obscure passages, there was no legal abortion. Now, Pro-Life people are paralyzed. They are divided among so many schisms that the political unity necessary to protect the unborn cannot be achieved.”

Somewhere in their minds, every single clergyperson in every single schism knows that.

Every honest clergyperson will admit, if only subconsciously, “Jesus was very clear. ‘I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock i build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you The Keys to The Kingdom of Heaven. What you bind on earth is bound in Heaven.’ Jesus did not say that to the founder of my little schism. He really didn’t. Jesus did not say that to anyone but to the man now universally recognized as the first Pope. Thank God I am finally honest enough to admit that!”

Such a clergyperson is to be congratulated! It is rare that anyone gives up their livelihood for the sake of being obedient to Jesus. But, it is possible for pastors in the factions to do that.

We should pray that more of them do.

If all the clergy in schisms would return to The Only Church Jesus Founded, we could stop abortion. We could effectively discourage many divorces. Families, and children, would have fewer lives ruined by needless disruption. And, we could focus on the evils of fornication, pointing out how sex outside of marriages hurts many, many people.

We could do all that, and more, every honest Pastor Bob confesses.