Pastors Bob; mad for money?

Some of the misconceptions spread by the Pastors Bob are beyond rational. Here’s a popular falsehood among the Pastors Bob; mad for money?

“The Catholic Church was founded by The Emperor Constantine three hundred years after Jesus was crucified.” This falsehood represents a degree of historical and theological ignorance that is almost incalculable.

When we hear someone repeat that, we almost back away in disbelief. Christian charity prompts us to think, “Surely, no one would tell such a huge lie, but can anyone actually be that ignorant?”

So we ask, “Didn’t The Only Church Jesus Founded begin after Jesus said “Thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”? Isn’t that what Jesus said about The Only Church He Founded?”

We may follow with another question: “Don’t you even know that Constantine become a Roman Catholic because of a vision after previous centuries of Popes, bishops, priests, and countless Catholics had established The Church. Don’t you know about centuries of Catholic martyrs killed, simply for being Catholic? Surely, you know basic history?”

When challenged with actual facts, the brighter Pastors Bob will not deny them. “That is what some people believe.”, they may say, “But, there are some issues of concern.”

What “issues of concern” could there be with Christs’ clear words and the historical facts? The real “issues of concern” seem to be: “If people think my little faction among the 43,000 schisms is only a way to get money from people who don’t know much about The Only Church Jesus Founded, I might have to get a real job and maybe get my hands dirty.”

A deeper question occurs: Why would anyone who knew the facts leave The Only Church Jesus Founded for some faction?

St. Paul answers that in Gal. 5:19-22. “When self-indulgence is at work, the results are obvious; fornication, gross indecency, . . . . factions, envy, drunkenness, . . . I warn you now, as I warned you before: those who behave like this will not inherit The Kingdom of God.”
Think about this: The Pastors Bob know Gal 5: 19-22. They know those in factions “will not inherit The Kingdom of God”. Yet, they insist “I believe in Jesus and the Bible”. Pastors Bob; mad for money?

What can be at the heart of factions but Pastors Bob; mad for money?