Plato’s cave.

One of the most well-known remnants of Greek philosophy concerns the mass of people who lived in what Plato described as a “cave”. Light came in through the entrance, and shadows were cast on the wall of the cave.

Most people looked at the shadows, and happily considered those shadows to be all there was. They would spend their lives talking about the shadows. An elite group that Plato called “philosophers” thought there was more to reality. They would look at the light, the source of the shadows, streaming through the entrance.

Catholic Fundamentalists agree, believing that those who look at the various programs are today’s version of those who forever stare at shadows. The Programmer, to us, is the light coming into the cave.

Unlike Plato, we feel everyone is smart enough to focus on the Programmer than various programs. We also differ from him because we think that various moral and spiritual disorders are encouraged to get people to focus on the things that were programmed, rather than on the Programmer.