The point of Protestantism is?

Since the earliest days of The Church Jesus Founded, some have said to, “Jesus was not right about such-and-such. The truth is actually what I think. Many things Jesus said were true. But, changes need to be made for our time. Important changes.”

Some argued about the Trinity. Others contested the Church’s power to forgive sins. Some invented bizarre theories to justify everything from polygamy to child abuse. Others insisted that Catholic priests did not have to be celibate, poor, or obedient. Others wanted women to be ordained. Some insisted “Abortion is all right”. Others justified artificial birth control. Some still help tyrants who want to get rid of The Catholic Church for protecting life and human rights

At the schismatic heart is this thought: “I must make a living, but I don’t want to get my hands dirty. I will start my own religion.”

Protestants “protest” against Christ and The Church He Founded. The result of all these schisms? A million aborted babies every year and Moslem invasions in every country that has abandoned Catholicism for schisms. Those whose schisms caused the carnage and destruction take no blame for the damage their vanity has caused.

Their arrogance drives them to protest against Jesus, The Church He Founded (“Thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church. . .”), the Apostles, The Church Fathers, and any Church teachings that get in the way of their cash flows. Protestant churches will actually send “pro-choice” missionaries to Catholic nations where they help corrupt leaders “solve” the problem of poverty by killing the unborn. Many helpless, unborn children die. Death by schism.

We must encourage Protestant ministers to curb their vanity and, like Cardinal Newman, leave their shrinking, often apostate, denominations. They must summon the courage to return to The Church Jesus Founded. A few will.

Most will make excuses to stay where they are. How confused is their thinking? Consider this: Many are so utterly deluded by the bizarre belief that their continued presence in ongoing error will actually “help” someone that they cannot save their own soul. Really, whom does that help? No one on earth.

The garden is self-weeding.