Powerful telescopes let Catholics see a new vision of Heaven and hell. #29.

Is this a picture of one cell in the body, many cells in the body, or stars in the sky?


Question 1:  “What lets Catholics see a new vision of Heaven and hell?”

Answer:  “The old visions of Heaven and hell were limited by existing technology.  Hell was thought to be somewhere ‘below’ the earth, in a great ‘abyss’ filled with ‘burning sulphur’‘ that formed ‘a lake of fire’.”


Question 2:  “What has changed?”

Answer:  “Now, we have the huge Webb Telescope orbiting the earth.  We see hundreds of billions of galaxies in which there may be trillions of solar systems and planets.  They are whirling around as far as thirteen billion light years away, in every direction we look.”


Question 3:  “Why should that give us a new idea of ‘hell’?”

Answer:  “Powerful telescopes suggest to Catholics that the position of a condemned soul may be seen by its distance from God.  Today, we can see how far a lost soul can be from God.”


Question 4:  “What!  Is Catholic Fundamentalism suggesting that a somewhat sinful soul may be one billion light years away and that the most sinful souls could be thirteen billion light years away from God?”

Answer:  “Catholics see that God may find some sinful souls so disgusting that He wants them to be that far from Him, and moving farther away, forever.  We now have an updated vision of God’s possible punishment for sinners that Dante described in ‘The Inferno’, 800 years ago.


Question 5:  “Could God do that?”

Answer:  “Catholics consider God’s Power to write and download the DNA program that produced you, me, and everyone else on earth.  We came into being with one fertilized cell in our mother that was smaller than a grain of salt.  It became 28 to 36 trillion cells (men have more than women), all working together.  Another Manifestation of His Power Spoke All Creation Into Being and we, whose living programs came from that ‘grain of salt’ are able to see much of it.”


Question 6:  “Why would He have spread His Creation out so far?”

Anwser:  “God is God!  We are His beloved Humans.  More powerful telescopes show that we cannot see a limit to His Creative Power.  That important aspect of Creation gives us Free Will.

Once, people believed Helios pulled the sun across the sky with a chariot.  Now, we see that His Creation is at least 26 billion light years across.  In every age, people cannot find anything to stop them from choosing to believe in, and obey, The God of Infinite Power.”


Question 7:  “What do Catholics see every time a better telescope is invented?”

Answer:  “Catholics see we should use The Free Will God gave us to not choose to ‘put strange gods before Him.’


Question 8:  “Do powerful telescopes give Catholics a more cheerful vision of God’s Power?”

Answer:  “God could have given every soul who would have been born, if their parents had been ‘fruitful and multiplied’, a planet or solar system of their own.  That may be why He made what astronomers now see are at least 200,000,000,000 galaxies spinning through space.”


Question 9:  “Why is that too much for me to see?”

Answer:  “You are not meaningfully Catholic.  You put God in a little box that fits inside your brain.”


May all be blessed to see The First of God’s Commandments as clearly as Catholics:  “You shall have no other gods before Me.”


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