Programming errors

Programming errors run rampant in the higher levels of governments. Those who get very far ahead in government “services” tend to hate the very neighbors whose work generates taxable income. Those who generate taxable income are vilified unless they give large amounts of money to buy protection from government intervention. Governments, over time, tend to squeeze lesser criminals out of their businesses, often by throwing them in jail. About the time, for instance, that numbers-runners were jailed, governments got into the lottery business. Now, of course, “big business” is criminalized, and government is moving into the auto, medical, and insurance businesses.

Governments raise taxes relentlessly. As long as the productive portions of a society are allowed the freedom they need to provide goods and services at ever-lower prices, the increased government employment is not as hurtful as it might first appear. Today, millions of teachers, policemen, and other low-level civil servants owe their jobs to the fact that producers are able to produce at lower costs than ever.

The funding that provides millions of civil servant jobs for the largely decent people who have them is threatened when more hateful people take control of the economic system. They don’t mind killing the golden goose that provides the taxable income the lower-level government employees need. Since they hate everyone equally, such political leaders don’t really care if their attacks on the private sector destroy funding for the public sector.

Smarter public servants know this. Oddly enough, they are often among the first to vote for more conservative candidates, knowing that established cash flows are not as likely to be diverted or destroyed.