Programming in three dimensions

Programming in three dimensions is something that should be considered every day. When we see anything complicated, like the growth of a fingernail, we should immediately try to categorize the kind of program The Programmer had programmed to provide for it. When we consider how we are able to know when to cut or file our fingernails, and do so with devices that other human beings have programmed with our vastly cruder programming abilities, we are reminded of how incredibly more powerful The Programmer is than we programmed creatures.

We can see that the Fingernail Program is similar to the various Claw and Hoof programs that are at the end of two and four-legged animals’ extremities. All such programs exist to provide a relationship between the Programmed Organism and the world around it.

The programming complexity is such that we simply cannot dream of duplicating it. So, there is a tendency not to believe in a Living Being Who is that much smarter than we are. Thinking of the intelligence the The Programmer has, and comparing it with our own, can be especially depressing to the vain.

Those afflicted by vanity prefer not to even think about the possibility of a God Who is so much smarter than they are that the awesome complexity of their own fingernails and the cells within, and all the parts within the cells are less than a quadrillionth of His Programs.

Hence the popularity of the Theory of Evolution.