From Prophet to Programmer.

When we consider four of Zechariah’s prophecies mentioned in yesterday’s column, we get a glimpse of bizarre predictions. More fantastic, they all came true, a half a millennium later. After we estimate the possibility of such coincidences being so close to zero as to be negligible, and after we eliminate the possibility of fraud, which the Dead Sea Scrolls do, we either shrug our shoulders and ignore it or we consider The Programmer.

Most take the former course, and billions of shoulders have been shrugged in the last couple of thousand years. Others are left with this conclusion: “The Programmer wrote, and downloaded, The Program. He told a few people what He was going to do, they wrote it down, and He did it.”

Then, we wonder why. Throughout the Programming Logs, we see reference after reference to two types of people. One group turns away from God, one turns toward Him enough to save the souls that are periodically mentioned throughout the Logs.

It is not unreasonable to conclude that He has programmed a world, ruled by us free-will programs. Some of us use our free will to decide that The Programmer is so real that we endeavor to obey His Operating Instructions. If we are right, we have an opportunity to get our souls into Programming Central forever.

Others use their free will and come to different conclusions. Most live in a permanent state of “shoulder shrugging”. They simply don’t want to be bothered believing in something so different from whatever conventional reality that permeates every age, and will spend no time at all pondering whether or not the prevailing conventional reality is a carefully programmed “flypaper” that traps souls attracted to earthly delights. Such a consideration is utterly beyond those too vain to be saved.

A smaller group is actually hostile to the notion that the universe had a Creator. Some of them have even more dislike for those who believe that The Programmer could have programmed all there is by programming particles and compiling them into systems and beings.

The most hateful among such people reserve their greatest anger for those who both believe and take His Operating Instructions seriously.