Protestants do not want donors to see sixteen Words of Jesus.

45,000 Protestant groups agree:  “We do not want donors to clearly see Jesus’ Church-Founding Decree!”

“And I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”   His Words are a threat to all 45,000 Marketing Plan Denominations.


The Profiteers of Protestantism begin by avoiding “the first sixteen Words” of Jesus.  “And I say unto you thou are Peter and on this rock I build My Church . . . .”

Let’s look at those 16 Words!


1. “And”  lets us know that Jesus is ending one Teaching and that He is about to tell us something important!

2.  “I”   Who is Speaking?  Jesus is speaking!  He is God, Himself;  The Second Person of The Holy Trinity!

3. “say”  The Son of God is about to give us His Infallible Word!

4. “unto”  Jesus is telling us exactly and precisely to whom He going to “say” something important!

5. “you”  Jesus has selected one person in all of History.  Jesus is speaking directly to the person He has chosen!

6.  “thou”  Jesus is repeating His identification of the one person on earth to whom He is speaking.

7.  “are”  The world held its breath!  Jesus is One Word Away from telling Creation who His Chosen Person is!

8.  “Peter” Jesus has changed the name and nature of a man named “Simon”.  Simon is no longer the person he spent his life being.  Now, he is “Peter”.  What does “Peter” mean?  It is the Greek word for “rock”!  Jesus has given one man the nature of a tough, hard, living “rock”.

9.  “and” Jesus tells us what He is about to do something else!

10.  “on” tells us where Jesus is going to do it!

11.  “this” is a very specific word referring to only one thing.

12.  “rock”  Jesus reaffirms the new, rock-like nature with which He has chosen to empower Peter.

13.  “I” lets us know that this is still God speaking!

14.  “build” tells us that Jesus is going to construct something upon the “rock” quality with with He has ordained Peter.

15.  “My” lets us know us that what He is about to “build” belongs to Him!

16.  “Church”  makes His preceding 15 Words clear!  Jesus is Speaking One Church and its leader into Being.


Jesus did not want His One Church to disappear after Peter died.  That understanding makes it clear.  The Successors to Peter must have the same “rock” nature.

Jesus is not talking to Himself!  He is not speaking to some other person, thing, or group.

Jesus is specifically speaking to Peter and his Successors!

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

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