Salvation needs professionals, not amateurs.

A good compass needle points toward the North Pole. It may turn toward other sources of power and confuse anyone using it to navigate.

The human soul is designed to be drawn toward the God, in whose image it is made. Our body is a ship. Its compass should be set on a course to God. Our compass needle is sometimes drawn to other attractions.

Many choose to move toward lesser things than God. Wandering souls have the remainder of their time in a human mind and body to get back on course. If they do not, their ship sails over the edge.

There are established guidelines for getting souls on course to Heaven.

1. First, the soul must know that it can get back on track. Jesus died so that human souls could be cleansed of confusing corruption.
2. Second, the soul must move closer to God, renouncing the lesser attractions.
3. Third, the soul should avail itself of the navigational aids God has provided through His Angels, Saints, and The Church they built on earth. They are the Catholic Sacraments.

Many believe that a “Do-it-Yourself Soul Repair Project” is all that’s needed to get to Heaven. Self-appointed “experts” make mistakes that allow the soul to, once again, get off course. Like an operation on the eye: Salvation needs professionals, not amateurs.

Getting one’s soul to God needs skilled, trained assistance. Well-meaning, bumbling amateurs, no matter how well-intentioned, may be worse than useless.

So, God provided Catholic priests, brothers, and sisters. Jesus told us we needed them, saying in Mt. 16: 18-20 “Thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church. . ” He makes it clear that His Church provides priests the power to forgive sins and that it has been given “The Keys to Heaven”.

When realizing that we are off course, we should heed His Words and His Church. We don’t want to sail off the edge.