Sanity is reducing the risks of losing eternal joy.

We may begin with the hundreds of prophecies that predict the coming of Jesus.  When we see that the Old Testament is truly old, and realize that the specific predictions of details about Jess are beyond mere coincidence, we may be blessed to understand that Jesus is God’s Son, Second Person of the Holy Trinity.

Once we have progressed that far, we begin reading the Bible.

We run across His “least commandments”, and may begin with “You are My friends if you obey My commands.”

Then, we  consider His most bizarre:  “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood, you do not have life in you.”

If we are blessed, we will realize that He is talking about receiving Communion in a Roman Catholic Church.  There, the wine and wafer turn into Christ’s Blood and Body by the Miracle of Transubstantiatiin.

If we wonder why He wants us to receive Communion in a Catholic Church, we consider another of His “least commandments”:  “Thou art Peter, and on this rock, I build My Church.”

How do we make ourselves ready?  We confess our sins to the legitimate successors of the Disciples, to whom Jesus said:  “Those whose sins you forgive on earth are forgiven in Heaven.  Those whose sins you do not forgive on earth are not forgiven in Heaven.”

The steps to reducing risk and gaining eternal joy are simple.  Why doesn’t everyone become Catholic, confess and be forgiven their sins, receive Communion, and by doing those things be obedient to Jesus’  “least commandments” and have Him think of them as “My friends” on Judgment Day?

Can any human being lack the intellectual ability to understand the simple steps above?  Why doesn’t everyone become a practicing Catholic?

Some of those in schism care more about keeping people in their schism than in having them find eternal joy.  Those who lead His sheep astray don’t care if they lose their own eternal joy.  And, they certainly do not recognize that:  Sanity is reducing the risks of losing eternal joy.  So, they don’t care if they lead others into believing and doing something less than sane.