Schism missionaries are hurtful

There are 43,000 schisms. Many send out Missionaries. They do a lot of damage. Even so, Protestant missionaries are welcomed by many corrupt governments in Central and South America. Many do not realize how Schism missionaries are hurtful.

Corrupt Dictator: “Those Catholics expect us to love our neighbors. We want to loot them! It costs a lot of money to get into office. On top of that, my family and supporters all want big, flashy limousines and mansions. And, bodyguards. Catholic priests and bishops tell us not to be so greedy. They want us to help the poor. How can my government get The Church under control?”

Protestant Missionary: “Simple! Send in thousands of Protestant missionaries. They will lead people away from The Only Church Jesus Founded and into the conflicting, competing confusion of 43,000 separate schisms. The only thing they have in common? They dislike The Catholic Church’s meddling as much as you do!”

Corrupt Dictator: “My government doesn’t have the money to support the thousands of missionaries we need to confuse Catholics. How will we pay for them?”

Protestant Missionary: “You don’t have to, your Excellency. We work with big oil, fruit, and mining companies. In exchange for long-term permits to drill, farm, and mine, they will provide ‘seed money’. That pays for us to send in the schism missionaries. In a matter of years, we will have vain, pseudo-intellectual Catholics leaving The Church and joining, or starting up, any number of schisms. They will disagree with each other, but they will focus on hurting The Church more than anything.”

Corrupt Dictator: “Who pays their living expenses?”

Protestant Missionary: “We take care of that! The missionaries, themselves, make periodic trips to churches and drum up ongoing support from self-indulgent Americans in the 43,000 schisms. That’s money you don’t have to spend. We can weaken The Church so much that you can start putting abortion and birth control clinics right in your poorest neighborhoods! Some say that schism missionaries are hurtful, but they do help you solve problems of poverty and immorality by eradicating the poor!”

Corrupt Dictator: “Sounds great! Where to we sign up?”

In this way, The Only Church Jesus Founded is attacked. What happens when Schism missionaries are hurtful? Most of them, frankly, are too busy being self-indulgent to notice. And, many missionaries simply aren’t bright enough to figure out what’s going on.

There’s another reason schisms encourage missions. Lots of people want to be Schism ministers. The money is good, the work is easy, and they get to feel important. Mission fields are a good way to get rid of competitors for the ever fewer jobs in the ever fewer prosperous Protestant schisms. None of them seem to mind that their efforts result in the deaths of millions of babies waiting to be born.

There is no doubt that Schism missionaries are hurtful.