Schisms + Democracies = Death.

Babylon loves Communists, abortionists, Moslem terrorists, environmental idols, and all the supporting lies and liars that bring death and destruction. When Communists killed millions in China, Russia, and adjoining lands, Babylon made excuses while inwardly exulting.

Three or four million unborn babies are killed every year in America and Europe. Countless millions more are destroyed by life-hating Chinese Communists every year. Babylon cheers “The right to kill”.

We are too distracted by 40,000 schisms claiming to be “Christian” to elect legislators who will defend our helpless, unborn neighbors.

In recent months, tens of thousands have been killed by invaders pillaging their way through the Middle East. Millions have been displaced. Homes, cities, and nations are plundered. Whole groups have been exterminated. The hundred million Christians, splintered into 40,000 schisms, cannot join together to force their elected leaders to stop the killing. That’s what happens with schisms. Death.

Many professional Protestants, desperate to maintain incomes while their denominations disappear, agree with Babylon’s lies: “Moslem slaughters today were all caused by Catholics, a thousand years ago.” Many of those threatened with extinction, Christians, Jewish people, and homosexuals, prefer competing schisms and destruction to the only Church on earth strong enough to stop the avalanche of death. Many would rather die than become Catholic.

What of the democracies? Elected officials have not, and do not, stop the invaders. Bribed officials make it easier for invaders to enter their own nations. They excuse atrocities with the old lie. “The Catholic Church used to send armies to the Middle East. The Moslems aren’t any worse.”

Students in democracies are not taught history well enough to respond with truth. There were very few crusades. They were launched to defend Europeans from endless Moslem attacks, slave-raids, slaughters, plunder, and death.

Moslem invaders burned Rome in the 800s and were at the gates of Vienna in the 1600s. In between, they captured, looted, and enslaved Spain, Turkey, the Balkans, Pakistan, Indonesia, and more. Christian responses were feeble and few. Now, we are not only splintered by schisms, but also, are only now beginning to understand that many of our elected leaders are paralyzed by bribes that they use to buy votes and TV time to get elected.

Democracies are destroyed as effectively by Arab gold today as some leaders in early Greek democracies were turned into traitors by Persian gold in long ago yesterdays.

We are scattered among 40,000 schisms, all of them dying for donations. Government leaders are influenced by bribes that allow the plundering to continue. When Libya fell, 80 tons of gold were said to disappear, some into bribes. There is no earthly way Christians in democracies can unite and defend ourselves.

The only way to stop both abortion and the invasions is for all who understand to return to The Catholic Church. Most would rather die.

Schisms + Democracies = Death. It is the way things are.