Schisms: tax-avoidance growth industries.

The number of Protestant groups has multiplied from 1,600 a century ago to an amazing 40,000! An incredible forty thousand separate schisms now call themselves “Christian”.

Lately, it’s been popular for the new Protestant groups to call themselves “Evangelical”. When talking to someone about their new “church”, it’s always fun to watch them think they’re saying something meaningful when reciting, “We are an Evangelical church.”

Many can talk and nod wisely at the same time. Try it! Nod wisely while piously intoning “We are an Evangelical church.” See how easy it is to be a modern Christian? All you need is to have faith. (Practice saying that while nodding wisely, as well. “All you need is faith.”) No need for obedience, Marriage, Communion, Confession or Absolution. You just need “faith”. If you’ve gotten this far, why, you’re practically an evangelical minister!

In the same century that saw big government change from tyrant into “friend and protector”, the number of groups calling themselves “Christian” has literally exploded!

Why do so many people want to start their own churches? Most collections include a sizable amount of cash. Cash is untraceable.

Ambitious assistant pastors are smart enough to know what’s going on. “I see how much money is put in the collections every Sunday. Sometimes, I get a glimpse of the bank deposit slips. I’m not saying that Pastor Bob and his wife are sticking some of that cash in their own pockets, but she did get that new Volvo.”

A conversation with his wife or girlfriend concludes: “If we started our own church, we’d be able to get some of that collection cash! It doesn’t have to be declared. It’s untraceable! We get to keep it for ourselves!”

And, another group, literally dripping with sincerity, adds to the competing divisions among Pro-Life Christians that has allowed abortion to destroy a hundred million unborn children.

When we see how easy it is to be Evangelical, we see how important it is for truly Pro-Life people to do the harder work of being Catholic. While others disappear into vain and useless schisms, it is our job to help The Only Church Jesus Founded in Her holy war to protect helpless unborn babies.

It’s important. It’s life and death.