It is said of some people that they are “self-hating”. It seems to be a fact that, in any identifiable group, some actually hate themselves. We may apply “self-hating” to any such group or sub-group. Some groups have larger numbers of “self-haters” than others. It is a rule of thumb that the farther “left” a group is, the larger percentage of “self-haters” it will have.

Self-hatred, taken to its logical conclusion, leads to early death. Many practices shorten life spans, including smoking, sexual behaviors, drug abuse, excessive drinking, fast and drunken driving, risky behavior, and suicide. It’s hard to tell if the quick suicide has more, or less, hatred of self than the person who more slowly takes his life with a couple of fifths of whiskey every day or so.

People hate themselves because they feel they don’t “measure up” to some degree of behavior that they’d like to attain. Some hate themselves because they aren’t rich enough. Others, because they aren’t successful enough. Failing to be as pretty, handsome, and loved as we’d like to be also causes self-hatred.

What the self-hater doesn’t see, and is kept from seeing, is a bigger picture. The virus, the apostate angel, the enemy of life, love and truth, has one goal; the corruption, destruction, and erasure of every human program. He loves us to see only our flaws instead of our strengths.

Since it’s impossible for any person to exist without strengths, each who is destroyed must be convinced to ignore those strengths and focus only on flaws and weaknesses. That distorted, selective view sees nothing good. When our own flaws are all we see, it’s easy, and not irrational, to start hating ourselves.

When we see our strengths, we see the elimination of flaws as ways to be better. By understanding, we do get better. We do improve, especially when we see that the greatest strength it is possible to have is the awareness that The Loving Programmer loves us so much that He wants us to spend eternity with Him.

Since it is impossible to hate oneself while obeying the Loving Programmer, the other side’s first order of business is to make us believe that there is no such thing as a Loving Programmer. If the viruses cannot do that, their second goal is to have us believe that , even if there is a God (never a “Loving Programmer”), we are far too wretched to be of any concern to Him.