Separating truth from press releases.

One of our hardest intellectual exercises is separating truth from press releases.

Every day, each of us is barraged with press releases, most of them pretending to be truth. Every cause, issue, candidate, bureaucracy, corporation, product line, book, movie, show,and entertainer has, if affordable, people sending out press releases of all kinds.

Why is all this work being done? Sponsors want as many people as possible presented with press releases carefully designed to get more consumers and voters to buy from, or vote for, those who are paying for the message.

That, in a nutshell, is the sea of reality in which we swim. Waves of press releases wash over us. How do we get to terra firma? By believing, and obeying, God. We begin the process by separating truth from press releases.

Then, our load is lessened, our burden lightened. We see, through the clouds of confusion and errors, that God loves us and wants us all to find Him.

To help, He has given us things to do. One of God daily homework assignments: Find, examine, and reject, as many lying press releases as we can. Then, we are to pray for the poor fools who told and spread so many awful lies. We are to ask God to please let them understand, believe, and repent sufficiently to be saved before it’s too late.

Thus do we love our neighbors and do good to them who hurt us. We can imagine that if we do so, our guardian angel will not just give us a gold star, but may request that, since we’ve done so well, we ought to be given a whole, actual star.

That may be tempting, but it’s better to be with God in Heaven.