Separating wheat from weeds and sheep from goats.

As Catholic Fundamentalists see it, the Creation Program exists to let those whom God loves separate themselves from those He hates. If we are to be numbered among the former, we have to seek truth, believe truth, and tell the truth.

The truth is, there are trillions of facts and it’s impossible to know them. We get through life by categorizing facts into groups. A few trillion facts about the various Geology Programs can be summed up with “sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous”. Similarly, facts about Plant Programs, Animal Programs, and Energy Programs can be summed up in similar, broad descriptions. We can’t know very many of the near-infinite number of facts; our brains just won’t hold them.

What we can know with surprising detail are truths about consolidated facts. We can know that fresh water at sea level turns into ice at 32 degrees and that it turns into vapor at 212. Since water is of varying purity and at varying altitudes (the exact level of the sea is an unknown fact), those temperatures may change slightly, but the theory is sound enough with which to operate. We go through life using similar generalities about everything we see.

Most of us don’t realize that we spend a vast amount of time in categorizing facts so that they will fit into groups with which we can deal. Much of our categorization involves the other free-will programs with whom we deal. “Is she honest?” “Is he a hard worker?” “Can these applicants do the job we need done?”

What we do in such categorizing is so simple that it’s generally overlooked. We have an ideal, or several ideals, and we want to see if others share them. When we find people with the same ideals, we have friends. Those too hostile to those ideals are categorized as “enemies”. Our minds operate best with facts that fit most painlessly into our preconceived notions.

God is not as elusive as most facts. We have but to read the prophets and see that they were able to describe happenings that would take place far in the future. When we do so, we may reasonably say “These are the result of God’s power.” Other say, “These are coincidences or they are frauds and forgeries, written after the fact.”

Since manuscripts of doubtless antiquity continually reaffirm the accuracy of the prophetic statements, we cannot sanely deny their validity. We may reasonably infer that God knows the future, and can impart that knowledge to some individuals. The prophets provide all the proof that many of us need.

Within the vast Creation Program, filled with facts, all people are provided access to that tiny bubble of truth, and may choose to realize that “There are an impressive number of prophetic announcements fulfilled in detail in only one place.”. That, on consideration, may be the “foundation fact” upon which we can build our lives in this world and the next.