The ship is sinking. There’s a life boat.

It’s hard to give up a lot that we’ve learned in the past. We’ve all been encouraged to invest a lot of time in learning about evolution, global warming, and similar fads. It’s especially hard to give up beliefs if we think they prove that we’re “enlightened” or “educated”.

The idea that The Programmer simply had Sub-Programmers (angels) who were given the direction and power to program life forms that looked like they evolved, simply as an aide to provide us with free will, can disturb our sense of what’s “right”.

When we consider that He had the programming power to get most of this done in a week, we may see ourselves as passengers on a huge ocean liner headed at top speed toward an iceberg. We either go down with that ship, or jump into the sea of faith, braving the waves on a tiny life boat.

The Bark of Peter, of course, is a miraculously well-built life boat. Many fundamentalists, once they understand more about the Church Fathers, understand that the earliest Church was the Catholic Church. They may discover that it was the Roman Catholic Church Who compiled the Bible.

When they try to be Christian and Fundamentalist (and, many do an exemplary job) with “Sola Scriptura”, while ignoring that Church Councils, ordered by the Pope and consisting of Catholic bishops, are the source of Scripture, they are rowing with one oar.

The Catholic Fundamentalist has both an idea of God’s programming power and the sacred nature of The Church as source of Scripture, so has both oars in the water. Its passengers thereby making better progress toward He Who programmed all Creation.