similarities between Julius Caesar and Jesus Christ

Are there similarities between Julius Caesar and Jesus Christ?

Julius Caesar spent his life defeating the enemies of Rome.  He was frequently outnumbered two, three, and more to one.  Despite the odds, Caesar and his Legions waged and won wars in Italy, France, Spain, England, Germany, Illyria, the Balkans, Greece, the Mid-east, Egypt, North Africa, and, again, in Spain.

He won wherever he went.  Those supported by access to taxes realized:  “He’s an organizational genius!  He’s making us unnecessary!  With Julius Caesar in power, who needs us?  We might have to get real jobs!”

So they killed history’s most brilliant leader in 44 BC.

Less than a century after Caesar, Jesus Christ spent His life battling the forces of sin.  The “Legions” of Jesus were incredibly  outnumbered.  12 men went against the beliefs of over a hundred million in The Roman Empire and more than that!  Established religions and states realized:  “He’s making us unnecessary!  He doesn’t want to take over nations!  He wants souls to get into The Kingdom of God!  Even worse, He wants us to renounce the power and positions we love!”  So, they killed Him, around 30 AD.

Another similarity?  In the confusion of Caesar’s wars for, and against, Rome, the calendar had gotten out of whack.  Julius Caesar put The Julian Calendar in place.  He put calendar dates in line with the earth’s orbit around the sun.  His calendar keeps and kept them synchronized to this day.

Jesus Christ also organized time.  He divided all of history into two periods.  He got calendar dates in line with the appearance of the Prophesied Messiah.  Historical dates are either Before Christ or After.  Many hate that.

Caesar and Christ had another thing in common.  For a short time, Caesar influenced a hundred million people in The Roman Empire.

Jesus has influenced the lives of what, 10-20-30 billion people?   He began His triumphant March Through Time with the seeming insanity of Christianity:

“I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”

There are similarities between Julius Caesar and Jesus Christ.  There are even greater differences between Christ and Caesar.  Caesar did not rise from the dead.