Simple-minded Catholics have “Two New Ideas About hell”. 1/4/24

Catholics share Two (or, three!) of The First New Ideas about hell in 700 years!  We are guided by This Simple Truth:   "The only way to avoid hell is to obey God."

Question 1:  “What are The Old Catholic Ideas About hell?”

Answer:  “Over 700 years ago, Dante wrote the best-selling book in History after The Bible‘Dante’s Inferno’ brilliantly describes ‘the 9 circles of hell’.  His vision is clear:  ‘The souls of those who do greater evil on earth suffer the appropriate agony in the Lower Circles of hell.’


Question 2:  “What are ‘Two New Ideas About hell’ that simple-minded Catholics have, today?”

Answer:  “‘New Idea #1 About hell’ comes from the most powerful telescope ever made.  The Webb Telescope orbits around the Earth.  Simple-minded Catholics realize:  ‘We see God’s power to have light coming to us from over 6.5 trillion light years away!’

If Earth is near the center of God’s Creation, more than 13 trillion light years measure the size of The Expanding Universe God Spoke Into Being with His Holy Word on ‘The Day that had no Yesterday’.”


Question 3:  “What is ‘New Idea #1 About hell’ that simple-minded Catholics see through The Webb Telescope?”

Answer:  “Simple-minded Catholics realize that the souls most displeasing to God may be sent the farthest away from Him.  It takes 8 minutes for light to travel 93 million miles from the sun to Earth.  The tiny, living sparks that are the darkened souls of the most sinful people may be sent flying 6.5 trillion light years farther from God.  They travel 93,000,000 miles away from God every 8 minutes.  Forever.”


Question 4:  “That is a ‘simple-minded’ possibility!  What is ‘New Idea #2’ that simple-minded Catholics have about hell?”

Answer:  “It is exactly the opposite of ‘New Idea #1’!  Catholics see The Vision of Heaven given to St. John, the ‘most beloved’ of Christ’s Disciples, His First Catholic Bishops.”


Question 5:  “What does St. John tell us that Heaven looks like?”

Answer:  “St. John tells in Rev 21:16 that The Kingdom of Heaven is a ‘perfect cube’.  It is exactly 1,500 miles (2,424 km) high, wide, and long.  The Bible tells us in Rev. 21:18 that ‘clear diamonds’ are part of its huge walls.  God and His Holy Saints, Angels, and souls are inside, forever enthralled by God’s Endless Wonders within ‘The Kingdom of Heaven’.”


Question 6:  “What does that suggest to simple-minded Catholics?”

Answer:  “God’s Word gives us ‘New Idea #2 About hell’!  Our greatest pain is regretting something good we kept ourselves from having.  The souls who did the most evil may be sent to the diamond windows’ with which God built some of ‘the walls of Heaven’.  The most evil souls must stare directly at the Eternal Joy they chose to reject.  They may spend eternity writhing in that regret, The Greatest Possible Agony, forever.”


Question 7:  “Would that pain make a soul suffer more than being flung into the dark distances described in ‘New Idea #1 About hell’?”

Answer:  “Simple-minded Catholics combine ‘New Ideas About hell #1 and #2and see ‘New Idea About hell #3’!   Condemned souls may be sent back and forth every century or so.  When the pain of looking at The Joy of God they rejected becomes appropriately painful, they are flung trillions of light years into the freezing darkness to be reminded of how far they have fallen before being returned to be reminded of how much they have lost.”


Question 7:  “What do simple-minded Catholics learn from the first ‘Two (or three!) ‘New Ideas About hell’ in 700 years?”

Answer:  “We learn how important it is to get our soul the only ‘keys to The Kingdom of Heaven’ that Jesus died to Speak Into Being with His Only Church-Creating Word!   ‘And I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.  I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven’!”


Question 8:  “Can everyone be ‘simple-minded’ enough to be Catholic?”

Answer:   “Human minds are intelligent enough to ask The Holy Spirit to let us focus on The First Commandment given to us by The Father of The Son:   ‘You shall have no other gods before Me.’

Obeying The Son Who Fulfilled over 300 Prophecies helps us be simple-minded enough to know what a blessing it is to be in The One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church He spoke Into Being with His Church-Creating Word!


~ is “simple reasons to be Catholic.”

Over 6,000 Daily Columns and several free books are both interesting and ‘simple’.  The newest free book focuses on the five or six pages in the short Book of St. James.   It sums up Christian Teachings.

The best book of the last Century is <em>“The Diary of St. Faustina”</em>. It lets every reader realize how much Jesus loves the most important thing we have:  our soul.

May God bless us all to obey The First Commandment and get “the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven”.