Soccer. Good intentions, bad results. Permanent brain damage.

Soccer is a perfect example of good intentions bringing bad results.  Everyone involved in soccer believes they are “helping”.  The thudding of hard soccer balls against hard skulls, however, has bad results.  When the collision takes place, the brain “sloshes”.  There’s an immediate impact of the brain “sloshing” up against the skull where the ball hits.  Then, it “sloshes” back to hit the other side of the skull.  Then, it wobbles back and forth.

None of that is good for the brain.  The countless trillions of neural connections are disrupted, sometimes permanently.

Imagine the brain of Thomas Edison.  He had a thousand patents.  If he’d played soccer, would he have been able to invent the light bulb?  The phonograph?  The moving picture industry?

While none of us are as smart as Thomas Edison, we still have a lot of decisions to make.  We make our lives better if we are able to think clearly.

Each hit from a soccer ball disrupts countless fragile connections.  They are delicate, far thinner than hairs, connecting the parts of our minds.  Each hit makes us less able to think as well as we otherwise would.

Human minds are the most complicated things in the universe.  They are able to take in everything from distant galaxies to electrons and make a certain amount of sense out of everything there is.  Why would anyone who appreciated the sheer wonder of intelligence and human thought do anything to damage that precious and most useful part of our body?

Can there be any good in disrupting the functioning of our brain, and all within our skull,  just to play a silly game that makes us dumber the more we play?  Why run the risk of not thinking as well during the stretch of time between soccer games and old age dementia while making the risk of dementia worse?  Is soccer an instrument of those who hate intelligence so much that they endeavor to dumb everyone down?   Is there a nasty jealousy, a “No one should be smarter.” leveling at work?  Is “soccer moms” another name for something else?

Soccer supporters deny the obvious.  Why?  Those who’ve played too much are unable to fathom the danger.

Soccer.  Good intentions, bad results.  Permanent brain damage.