Social services have become tools of the devil.

When The Church was in charge of education, Europe was a safe, stable place.  Societies were simple.  Governments were usually organized around a monarch.  The monarch’s main job was defending the realm.

Social services were handled efficiently by The Church.  The poor were fed, the sick given medical care, and children  educated by various groups within The Catholic Church.  All of Catholic leaders of social service providers believed in, and most practiced, celibacy, poverty and obedience.

The eighth Henry despised such vows and those who took them.  He began the transfer of social services to the state.  It hasn’t worked out.

Now, social services have become tools of the devil.  The poor are encouraged to be dependent on the states’ welfare systems.  In exchange for their votes, they are given endless benefits, from medical, heating, food, and transportation to free cell phones.  They spend lives without hope, living from welfare check to welfare check, wallowing in dependency and despair.

Education has fared worse.  The dreaded public schools intentionally produce the lowest possible levels of education, focusing on junk science, junk literature, junk arithmetic, junk everything.  Children, especially in poorer neighborhoods, are intentionally kept nearly illiterate.  Schools are bastions of hopelessness.  They are intentionally made so violent, despite cadres of often armed guards, that learning is impossible.

When they graduate, students have three main pathways to income.  Girls can go into prostitution or get pregnant and stay on welfare.  The boys can sell drugs.

Thus are souls of the poor lost, because social services have become tools of the devil.

What of the middle class?  There also, social services have become tools of the devil.  In the schools, everything possible is done to destroy the minds, bodies, and souls of students.  Sex education commences at ever younger ages.  Various perversions are “studied” in “value-free environments”.  All is done in the cause of reducing resistance, making it harder for students to say “No!” when faced with moral choices.

Middle-class schools focus on useless sports and subjects.  Academic subjects are demeaning, skills are poorly taught, and costs are high.  It’s expensive to support needless hordes of  overpaid and over-benefited, and over-pensioned professional educators.  Families are impoverished to pay needlessly high property taxes to live in safe neighborhoods.

Hosts of parasites feed on student bodies.  They focus the children on brain-damaging sports that involve heading soccer balls and believing that sports are important.  By the time they are through the system, they have no real skills, and are so deeply in debt they don’t even think about having families of their own.

And, once a person has a college degree, pride makes them think they’re “too good” for most kinds of useful work.   Then, anger sets in.  “There is nothing I can do.  I have wasted my life and I am deep in debt.”

Over time, anger is joined by envy, particularly of those who were smart enough not to be bamboozled and have families of their own, instead of living in a parent’s basement.   The social services have become tools of the devil so effectively that the demons of pride, envy, greed, gluttony, anger, lust, and sloth are running rampant.  They destroy more lives and souls than ever.

It was better when The Church ran social services.  Now, under government boots,  social services have become tools of the devil.