Our soul and spirit are at war.

Luca-Giordano-Expulsion-of-the-Moneychangers-from-the-Temple-c.-1675-660x350-1450866883.jpg Christ and moneychangers

Our human soul came into being at the moment of our conception.  As we grew from two cells into trillions, our human spirit grew to become the organizing force of mind and body.   Our human spirit is a “cloud” of thoughts that moves through our minds as it moves from one area of the brain to another.  Our soul and and our spirit are at war.

Our spirit is concerned with our mind and body.  It is worldly.   Our spirit feeds on money, power, praise, sex, and status.  We can feel our spirit draw us to worldly advantage.

The soul separated from God grows dim.  The spirit rejoices!  “Now, I can have what I want!”

He Who Fulfilled the Prophecies came to strengthen and save souls.  The Church He Founded gives food for the soul.   Jesus repeated His clear call to Catholic Communion EIGHTEEN TIMES:  “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.”  His Body and Blood give life to our soul.  His Body and Blood strengthens our soul against the spirit’s desire for self-gratification.

Those ruled by their human spirit hated Him when He came.  They hate His Church in every generation.    In every generation, those ruled by their spirits’ pride, envy, greed, gluttony, anger, lust, and sloth attack the source of The Holy Food that brightens and strengthens souls.

Some spirits say that He Who Fulfilled the Prophecies is a myth.   Others insist that He did not ordain Catholic priests with the power to provide His Actual Body and Blood.  All who love spirit more than soul hate The Only Church He Founded.

Many begin to strengthen their soul by understanding:   “The prophets predicted that The Messiah would be born in the predicted town, place, Tribe, and House.   They predicted His Miracles, suffering, death, and Resurrection.  Living witnesses to His Fulfillment of The Prophecies died rather than lie.  I believe in Jesus and The Only Church He Founded.  I believe in His Holy Food.  I will value my human soul over my human spirit.”