Most of us find spirits to be undetectable. Others can communicate with them. The Witch of Endor was able to call spirits up from the dead and speak to them. Jesus was able to recognize demons and drive them out of people. So were His Disciples. The Roman Catholic Church routinely drives evil spirits from people.

Such spirits are disrupters of both mind and body. If we are disorganized, our life and work suffers.

Evil spirits cause disorganization, confusion, and aim to inflict the chaos that is death. The human mind and body is the most complicated thing on earth. Spirits who want to destroy mind and body do so by introducing confusion. Angels, on the other hand, know that our basic, spiritual nature is best served by the Catechism of The Church.

Every person is constantly being undermined by those who wish their neighbors to be father from love and life toward hate and death. It helps us to gain spiritual strength by imagining The Programmer as the source of “good” energy. We absorb “good” energy by opening ourselves up to that energy by praying. As we pray, the “good” within us becomes stronger. We are able to see that those who seek our destruction are possessed by demons of chaos.

While we are praying, the demons have a harder time attacking. They simply can’t get past the armor that prayer provides. So, we grow stronger by becoming closer to The Programmer while simultaneously moving farther from the source of confusion.