Strength in weakness.

Strength in weakness. Lies are living things. They are spiritual versions of termites and cancer cells, working to destroy bigger structures. Conversely, truths are as alive as angels, whose mission they mimic.

All lies try to destroy the Roman Catholic Church. Celibacy is mocked, poverty scorned, and humility ridiculed. From Nero to Cromwell to Stalin, those most lost in earthly concerns have tried to destroy The Church.

The Bark of Peter always appears to be about to sink. When Cardinal Newman converted, he was concerned that The Church made Herself look bad by the “overly religious” proclamation of the Immaculate Conception. Today, many think The Church looks bad for the opposide reason, toleration of those whose practices invited lawsuits that bankrupted many parishes.

The Church has two missions. She must always seek to rid Herself of those who put earthly concerns before Her. At the same time, She must always attract those who understand there is something more important than making a safe bet. The Church has never looked like a safe bet.

Abortion is murder. Millions of murders occur because law-makers won’t make laws against it. Many of those law-makers profess to be Roman Catholics. Yet, many bishops allow them to take Communion.

God hates abortion. The Church hates abortion. Why do some bishops allow Pro-abortion Politicians to take Communion? Why would someone want to join and/or follow a Church that doesn’t toe Her own line?

The only people who will do that are those humble enough to understand that we don’t have anything better to do.

Thank God.