The Bureaucratic Oath: “No Old Problem Must be Solved. New Problems are Necessary for our Growth.”

The drive for funding is endemic in all human activity. Businesses and families need access to funding for investment. They need to make purchases that are vital for their well being.

Government agencies need a different kind of funding for salaries, benefits, and pensions. Their funding comes from the legislative ability to borrow against national assets, raise taxes, and have armed agencies to enforce collection. There is no end to the funding that Government agencies need. So, there is a continual parade of new and re-cycled Imaginary Problems to justify more spending.

One of few universal laws is: The simpler it is to solve a problem, the more powerful is the bureaucracy needed to keep from solving it. Powerful bureaucracies refuse to solve literacy problems with phonics, drug-related agencies absolutely will not stop losing the “War” on drugs, and environmental groups make smaller and smaller problems bigger and bigger.

The souls of those involved in such hurtful frauds are in serious trouble. Many will spend so much of their allotted time on earth telling lies to get money that they lose sight of Heaven.

That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Free will, the most complicated part of The Creation Program, was written and downloaded so that each of us human, free-will programs would be able to choose to love God and neighbor or despise them.

Catholic Fundamentalism teaches that the job of those who wish to be admitted into Heaven remains the same: we are to love God and our neighbors. We know that God does not lie, and that many of our neighbors do. Still, we have to love them, even when they destroy nations, like Cuba, or cities, like Chicago, turning prosperity into poverty, freedom into slavery, and life into death.

Each of us has ever fewer days remaining. Our individual end is coming. Then, Judgment. If we believe and obey, we are saved. Praying helps.