The Church as Unmoved Mover

We know people who have joined The Church. Conversely, we know people who have left.

Those who join for intellectual reasons see a body of thought that draws them toward it as they notice there are no contradictions. Every other body of thought has contradictions.

Similar to the lack of contradictions is the complete consistency of The Only Church Jesus Founded. It is a magnet for many.

Morality draws others. The Church loves life. There is no room for lies and hate.

Some see the spirit of love and humility, and love that more than vanity.

Those who leave value their own opinions more than the only Christian organization that is a living link with Jesus and His disciples. Their opinions crystallize into action, and they whirl off like sparks from a pinwheel.

The Church hates to see souls be lost. If The Church compromised with complainers, She would not exist. She knows that it is better that the complainers leave. The best do return. They see the flaws in more human institutions and beliefs. They are welcomed back with all the joy that greeted the Prodigal Son.

Others cannot rein in their pride, and dwindle away.