The “Everything is all right.” lie

It is a crime to cry “Fire!” in a crowded place. Panic leaves people trampled in the rush to safety.

It is a greater crime to not cry “Fire!” when there is a fire.

Those in control of governments tend to tell the “Everything is all right.” lie.

The leaders of Constantinople were told “Everything is all right. The city walls are too strong to be breached. We certainly don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy that crazy Hungarian’s giant cannon that fires stone balls into enemy encampments two miles away. We don’t have to worry about our enemy buying it and using it against us. Everything is all right.”

George III was told, “Things are peaceful in the colonies. There are just a lot of hotheads shooting their mouths off. There is no danger of actual revolution among Your Majesty’s loyal American subjects. We can raise their taxes and we don’t have to give them the right to elect their own Members of Parliament.”

In France, the Sixteenth Louis did not call out troops and save the Kingdom. His advisers insisted “Everything is all right. We need to make some minor changes. A couple of new Secretaries and policies will make everything all right.”

The Czar was told “Your Majesty’s government is so powerful that the Communists won’t be able to take over. Everything is all right.”

European leaders today tell their people: “We certainly don’t have any fear of foreign interests taking over. Everything is all right. We are just providing homes for the homeless.”

An historical precedent: When angry, bitter envious men took control of The French Revolution, they cemented their hold on Paris with Terror. It was provided by bringing angry murderers in from Marseilles, many of whom were viciously anti-Christian. The City was attacked from within. Faithful Catholics, independent thinkers, and any who offended the far left were put on a death list by the Jacobi “ward bosses”. They were hunted down and murdered on the spot or sent to be guillotined by killers who put evil men more firmly in control All the while, leading Jacobins said “Everything is all right.” to calm those they destined for death.

That was in one city. When smilarly evil men want to take an entire continent, they need armed gangs of killers in every city. Last week, a shipment of 800 pump shotguns from Turkish gun manufacturers was discovered on its way into European metropolitan areas.

Just as it is right to cry “Fire!” in a crowded place. It is a great evil to distract from imminent danger with the “Everything is all right.” lie.

The “Everything is all right.” lie is usually compounded by those who tell “Distracting Lies”. “Don’t worry about being invaded, raped, pillaged, having your children sold into slavery, or being murdered. Everything is all right in that area. What all of us really need to worry about is Climate Change.”

Wisdom, Discernment, and Courage are Gifts of The Holy Spirit. Non-believers lack those gifts. They are more likely to believe the “Everything is all right.” lie, even as they die and have their children sold into slavery, worrying about lunatic trivia like “Climate Change” to the very end.