The Foundation of all Protestantism?

Catholics notice that the 45,000 Protestant denominations have one thing in common.  The Foundation of All Protestantism?  Denying the Words of Jesus about The Only Church He Founded:   “Verily, verily I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”

Brighter Protestants know:  “Anyone who takes that seriously has to be Catholic!  We have to show that Jesus was wrong, or we are out of a job!”

They can’t meaningfully claim to be “Christian” if they say “Jesus was wrong.”  So, they blame the translations!  “We’ll tell them that ‘rock’ doesn’t really mean ‘rock’!”  Every professional Protestant learns the “Rock Dialogues”.

Their seminaries teach ways to go on and on and on and on about how “rock” means something else.

Now, Protestants need something new.  “Smarter people in our congregations read that Jesus gave Peter ‘the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven’.   They ask us, ‘How can we get into Heaven without The Only Church with ‘the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven’?  What do we tell them?”

Professional Protestants consider this answer:  “Let’s invent ‘The Key Dialogues’!  We’ll tell them that ‘keys’ does not mean those Catholic Sacraments that have been pestering people for 2,000 years!”

Marketing Experts suggest telling them this:  “Jesus would not give ‘the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven’ to one person to start One Church.  Jesus meant to give ‘the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven’ to everyone who feels really good about themselves.”

Wow!   Who can argue with that?  It is far, far easier for people to “feel really good about themselves” than to follow rules!

The Foundation of all Protestantism?  It is not merely “The Rock Dialogues” or “The Key Dialogues”.  It is the appeal to those who think “the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven” are found in their own self-satisfaction.

45,000 teetering towers of Protestantism are built on that foundation.  On top of each, a tattered flag flutters in every breeze.  Each has these words: “We are going to Heaven no matter what we do because we feel really good about ourselves!”

Many understand that billions of unborn babies have died from abortion and abortion-inducing birth control because Catholic Teaching, “Life must be protected from conception to natural death.” has been confused by those who seek salvation through self-satisfaction.