The Holy Trinity in Catholic Fundamentalism

Catholic Fundamentalism gives the Faith of our fathers more relevance to we who know more about gadgets based on electron flow than we know about He Who programmed and downloaded electrons and the way they flow.

Catholic Fundamentalism believes it’s incredibly important to re-translate the words and concepts of our faith into the new, more universal language that reflects modern technology.  We don’t live in the Iron Age anymore.  That’s why we need new terms to help those in our age to know God and find eternal joy.

“The Father”, to Catholic Fundamentalists, is “The Loving Programmer”. With the help of His angelic programming assistants, among the first beings to be programmed, He wrote and downloaded The Creation Program.  It’s God’s version of  a computer-generated movie, but vastly larger, in lots of dimensions, and a very long run in an absolutely huge theater.

“The Son”, in Catholic Fundamentalism terminology, is “The Creation Program” He took human form and came among us.  He did so to separate His beloved free will programs (that’s us!) into two groups.  One group of human programs  who would use their free will and  understand, believe, and obey His Operating Instructions.  The others are the sad, lost souls who chose love of self over love of God.

“The Holy Spirit” is “The Holy Wireless Connector”.  He joins together The Loving Programmer, The Program, while also joining the human programs who ask to be connected to The Loving Programmer and The Program.

The Holy Trinity in Catholic Fundamentalism may be seen as the Loving Programmer, The Program (Who took human form and came among us, and The Holy Wireless Connector.