The Miracle of Mary! Her Immaculate Conception!

The Miracle of Mary!  Her Immaculate Conception!  Staggering!  As we think about how small things are, Catholics are blessed to see:  Jesus was once smaller than a grain of salt!

How did God provide The Most Perfect of Created Entities?   The Immaculate Conception of Mary, The Blessed Mother of God.  Even Protestants know that Her DNA had to be perfect, down to every electron in every atom!

The Immaculate Conception produced Mary!  Her Perfect, Obedient life, unstained by sin, allowed Her to produce The Holy Ovum that became Jesus.  The Miracle of Jesus began with Mary’s Immaculate Conception!   Hundreds of trillions of spinning neutrons and protons were in perfect order and alignment in One Holy Ovum smaller than a grain of salt!

We are stunned to realize:  God fit inside The Holy Ovum of Mary!  It is staggering to realize!  Hundreds of trillions of atoms, each in perfect position and alignment, came to earth!

The vain hate to think about The Miracle of Mary and Her Immaculate Conception!  Protestants don’t even want reminders of Mary in their churches!  They never let themselves seriously consider The Miracle of Mary!  The Immaculate Conception!

Catholics are blessed.  We see that God Worked through Mary!   His Most Perfect of Created Entities provided The Holy Ovum!  The Power of The Holy Spirit conceived Jesus!

Mary is The Mother of God.  Mary is The Daughter of The Father.  Mary is The Spouse of The Holy Spirit!  Protestant minds are too disordered by vanity to admit the simple Truth:  “Mary is not God.  Mary is His Mother!”

“If we let ourselves think about Mary being The Mother of God, we have to be Catholic!  We don’t want to have to obey those pesky Catholic rules!”

The vain cut themselves off from The Mother of Their Own Salvation!  Vanity has taken theological form in their denominations.

Protestants avoid The Miracle of Mary!  Her Immaculate Conception!