the price that must be paid for willful disobedience

Catholic monks in the Middle Ages were blessed with Understanding. They understood how small angels could be. They wondered: “How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?”


Then, microscopes were invented. Catholics wondered: “How many angels can dance on the point of a pin?”

How big are angels? Is a “Big Angel” the size of an atom? Are smaller angels comparable to electrons?

Now, there are electron microscopes! Today, Catholics wonder: “How many million angels can dance on the point of a pin?”


Angels are “God’s Thoughts”. Each angel is a “piece” of created will. Each angel had free will. Some of the angels who lived in God’s Kingdom of Heaven decided to disobey Him.

God threw dark swarms of disobedient angels out of Heaven.


We “are made in the image of God”. Thoughts and desires move around in our mind as angels do in Heaven.

Improper desires create disobedient thoughts that live in our minds. Our job is to throw them out of our mind.

Each of us must decide whether or not the “little Kingdom of Heaven” that is our mind will allow disobedient thoughts and improper desires to remain within it.


Logic tells us: Disobedient souls cannot get into The Heaven from which disobedient beings were evicted! Getting our souls into Heaven requires that we be obedient to God.

Those who are obedient to God are blessed to be forever in Heaven. They are among: “You are My friends if you obey My commands.”


Therefore, “the key to The Kingdom of Heaven” must be obedience.


Catholics are blessed. Catholics choose to obey The Only Church-Founding Decree of Jesus:

“And I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”

Every disobedient thought and every improper desire that lives on earth and in hell try to keep us from having “the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven”.

God’s cleansing of Heaven tells us the price that must be paid for willful disobedience.

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