The Professional Protestant’s emptiness.

Refuting objections by professional Protestants to Catholic Fundamentalism has uncovered something that is, at first glimpse, amazing:  There’s nothing there.

Never has such a huge, gleaming, mountain-like edifice been so empty.  The Protestant establishment is like a giant balloon.  The outside is painted to resemble a vast, solid structure.  Not much justification for errors and omissions by professional Protestants.  Examples: 

Catholic Fundamentalism says quite clearly:  “The Protestant schisms are manifestations of individual vanity encouraged by political opportunists.”  There is no sustained rational reply, aside from the usual flurry of insults about idol-worship, etc.

This site has had many, many apologists for Protestantism attempting to justify their beliefs.  Most go away after their theories are not embraced.  Many must be banned for profanity.  Amazingly, without any sustainable justification, even bizarre sects of recent invention claim equal authority with the only Church that began when Jesus said to the first Pope, “Thou art Peter, and on this rock, I build My Church.” 

Professional Protestants are unhappy when that equality is questioned by historical and Biblical fact.

When asked why they ignore Jesus’ words to Peter on the One Church, the more “educated” among them simply go on and on and on about various definitions of “rock”.  Professional Protestants are rarely too embarrassed to repeat pointless lessons about how the word “rock” appears in Greek, Latin, and Aramaic.  At no point do they squarely face the clear, direct meaning of what Jesus’ very simple words.

Professional Protestants do not like to seriously consider what Jesus said about Communion:  “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood, you do not have life in you.”  We may remind them, “The only place that His Body and Blood may be received is in Catholic Communion, in the Church He build on Peter.”

Unbelievably, they ignore that, too.  Reality means less than maintenance of cash flows and force of habit.  They neither see nor understand why a deeper examination may be expected.  They do not feel that they sin by staying in schism.  They recognize no Sacrament of Forgiveness, as found in Jesus’ words to the first Catholic priests and bishops: “Those whose sins you forgive on earth are forgiven in Heaven.”

Do they need forgiveness?  The horrible murders by abortionists came into being, and remain with us, because Pro-Life people are splintered among so many dozens of denominations and thousands of sects and schisms.  As long as the Pro-Life people are divided, we cannot elect the legislators who will pass the laws to stop the killing.  So, there is a great sin in schism, one that they have no way to have forgiven.

Professional Protestants go through life very much alone, without the fullness of God’s words.  They are on a huge bubble.  We pray they will move to solid ground before the trap door opens.