The Roman Catholic Church as Operating System

In our time, we have the advantage of seeing that different computers have different operating systems. Some work better than others. All the programs involved in all computers are susceptible to being corrupted by viruses.

Catholic Fundamentalism sees us human beings as self-sustaining, self-replicating free-will programs. God, The Loving Programmer, wrote our programs. He downloaded us on earth, in the midst of His Creation Program.

He provided us with an operating system, through the person of Jesus Christ. In Catholic Fundamentalism terms, “Jesus Christ is the fullness of The Creation Program. He took perfect, obedient, human form and came among us to download an Operating System that would allow us to be with The Loving Programmer forever.”

We see that the Sacraments allow our individual, human programs to get rid of errors (Confession) and keep the spiritual energy downloaded within us (Holy Eucharist) to keep the corrupting viruses from damaging us so badly that we cannot join with The Loving Programmer, The Program, and The Holy Wireless Connector.

Those three Names, to Catholic Fundamentalists, provide a way to describe The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit that’s easily understood by those of this generation who are called to Him.