The separated finger.

A finger removed from a body will die.  But, if the finger is partly attached, for instance, with a key artery, blood can continue to flow to and through it.  If a skilled physician is found in time, the finger may be reattached.

If the reattachment is done before the tissue damage is too great, the finger may be restored.  Even some of the nerves can be re-connected.  The finger, for all practical purposes, may look and feel as “good as new”.

If the finger stays separated from the body, it will die.  The speed of its death depends on “how separate” it is.


Those cut off from the Body of Christ have similar reasons for severing themselves from The Church.  If a person leaves The Catholic Church for divorce, unapproved relationship son or remarriage, birth control, abortion, or to get rid of grandpa to speed up the inheritance, the severing is very complete.

Apostasy is often disguised by celebrating Christmas.  “Merry Christmas, dear.  Look at the big, shiny thing I got for you from grandpa’s estate, and I didn’t have to give a penny to my ex or my kids!”  People who give such gifts at Christmas may describe themselves  “Christian”.

In that case, the finger is so separated from the body that it will probably die.


If the finger is partly attached to the body by an artery, the blood that flows into the finger will be lost.  The person will go on bleeding until the veins are re-attached to those in the body or the artery is closed.  Many times, the finger is so poorly attached that it is actually damaging the body.

An appendage that destroys the body must be removed.  The Scourge of God removes political bodies that hurt The Body of Christ.  Now, it appears, He has begun using  Moslems as His Scourge against the forces of death that have coalesced in modern governments.

We who are Pro-Life must pray to be spared as His Scourge falls.

If we aren’t Catholic, we should ask Him for the courage to be.   If we are Catholics, we should ask Him for the grace to be more firmly connected to Him.