There are three kinds of people: Obedient. Disobedient. Luke-warm.

The Bible is clear. There are three kinds of people: Obedient. Disobedient. Luke-warm.

1. The Obedient:

Those who truly believe in Jesus strive to obey Him. He Who Fulfilled The Prophecies is very clear about how important it is to be among the Obedient. Those who obey Him may be blessed to have their souls forever among:

“You are My friends if you obey My commands.”

Jesus is telling us, in nine simple words: those who obey Me get to Heaven! Logic tells us: “If we are not among the obedient “friends” of Jesus, we must be among His disobedient enemies.”

Jesus is telling us that His obedient “friends” must obey His Only Church-Founding Decree:

“And I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”

Catholics understand: “If we willfully disobey Jesus, we cannot be among His obedient ‘friends’. Simple logic tells us: those who willfully disobey Jesus put themselves among His disobedient enemies.”

2. The Disobedient:

The Profiteers of Protestantism worship their highest truth. “We want donors to give us money. When people become Catholic, we lose their donations. To stay in business, we must attack The Only Church Jesus Founded.”

Those who attack The Only Church Jesus Founded are willfully Disobedient.

What does Jesus promise will happen to their souls: “If you lead a little one of mine astray, it would be better to have a millstone tied around your neck and be thrown into the sea.”

3. The Luke-warm:

Many recognize that Jesus is God. But, they love their personal desires and urges. They want to get to Heaven and do as they please. They embrace variations of Protestant nonsense like “I have ‘a personal relationship’ with Jesus.”

What does Jesus promise them? “The luke-warm water I spit out of My mouth.”

There are three kinds of people: Obedient. Disobedient. Luke-warm.

Our choices are that clear.

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