There are two kinds of environmentalists.

Many of us Catholic Fundamentalists are, frankly, jaundiced.  We are so familiar with people lying for money that we focus exclusively on their exaggerations, deceptions, and outright lies.  We forget.   There are two kinds of environmentalists.

The first kind of environmentalist are The Environmental Profiteers.  “Wow!” they say to themselves, “People are so gullible they’ll believe that the ozone layer, a hundred miles up in the air, is going to be damaged by the freon in an air conditioner!   Freon is cheap.  We can make it illegal, if we can make enough suckers believe it hurts the ozone layer.  Then, we can sell expensive replacement freon for fifty times more money.  Chemical companies can make money from that!”

As a result of the lies, deceptions, and outright lies of those Environmental Profiteers, a can of freon that used to cost .99 cents at K-Mart now costs $20.00 or $50.00 and has to be installed by a licensed professional.  “You know what we did?”, the Environmental Profiteers brag among themselves,  “We actually put a huge, hidden tax on keeping things and people cool and we’re making more money than ever.  There’s money in environmentalism.  Wonder if we could convince them the world is getting warmer, and we can only save ’em if we get our electricity from wind and sunshine?  Will they believe that?”

Remember:  There are two kinds of environmentalists.   The other kind of environmentalists are those made to believe that the press releases generated by the Environmental Profiteers have meaning.   They don’t like to admit it, but they are simple souls, easily convinced by a consortium of the bitter and the hostile that mutually agreed upon enemies, like “big oil”, the “evil Koch brothers”, and the greedy members of “the 1%” have to be stopped.

The Environmental Believers have personalities that can easily be convinced to support those who generate the most press releases that appealto their own anger, bitterness, and overall unhappiness at not being as rich, smart, or good-looking as they’d like.

The Environmental Profiteer and the Environmental Believers have one thing in common:  Few, if any, of them, have a deep, profound belief in God and a desire to love their neighbors.

Since they do not love God and neighbor, they are easily swayed by press releases.  If one imagines looking down upon them from a lofty position, the thought “They are like herds of lemmings, following Pied Pipers over cliffs.”

At Judgment, Environmental Profiteers, since they invent and participate in “Complex Frauds”, are judged most harshly, ending up in the lower circles of hell reserved for complex fraudsters.

Environmental Believers were led astray because they freely chose not to believe in something more profound.  They end up in the less agonizing upper circles.  While they didn’t invent or profit from the Complex Frauds, they did embrace them.

Both Environmental Profiteers and Believers can be saved if they put The Creator ahead of Creation spend the rest of their lives believing and obeying God, most obviously, His command to “Love your neighb0r as yourself.” Becoming Catholic helps, because they can know they are forgiven after a good Confession.

All who ignore that opportunity get what they deserve.