There is Some Truth, Even in Fads

A few decades ago, people who thought and behaved inconsistently were called “schizophrenic”. Over time, this was shortened to “schizoid”. The label described something real; people thinking, saying, and doing both good and bad things. “Schizoid” was replaced by “passive-aggressive”.

Today, the person formerly described as “schizophrenic” and “passive-aggressive” is called “bi-polar”. Just as “schizophrenic” morphed into “schizoid”, “bi-polar” may become “bip”. As soon as medical terminology is reduced to slang, professionals in the field must come up with a new name, one that has more medical authority, behind it. That way, they can appear to have more meaningfulness, especially when it comes to issues of billing.

In those faddy descriptions, there is an element of truth that’s carefully avoided. Changes in thoughts, words, and deeds reflect one thing: changes in distance between any human program and The Loving Programmer.

Sometimes, human programs follow the Operating Instructions that The Loving Programmer has downloaded. Other times, the same human program will disobey those Operating Instructions. That is the behavior which is labeled “Schizophrenic”, “passive-aggressive”, or “bi-polar”.

Those who purport to “help” those who are not consistent in their obedience to The Loving Programmer’s Operating Instructions often prescribe chemicals or electrical shocks that deaden various parts of the mind. Such treatments are harmful because they make the confused human program believe that he or she can get better without recognizing the power of The Loving Programmer to cure them simply by consistently obeying His Operating Instructions.

What Causes a Human Program to Disobey The Loving Programmer’s Operating Instructions?

Vanity. Therefore, the cure for schizophrenia, passive-aggressiveness, or being bi-polar is an unrelenting focus on obeying The Loving Programmer’s Operating Instructions. He has provided them because He wants what’s best for us. If we ignore them, we are not only denied entry into Heaven, but also, we may be stuck having to listen to some therapist who’s also not made the necessary commitment to Him by which the most complete sanity is provided.

Vanity is the inevitable enemy of sanity.